Project Hank

New York, NY

Almost 110 years after it opened, the landmark Lord & Taylor building is now home to Manhattan offices. LUMA participated in the renovation of Hank—named after a unit of measurement for yarn—with a goal to seamlessly blend the old with the new and create a workplace that feels both familiar and exciting. With 695,000 square feet of possibility, the design team focused on highlighting historic artifacts, materiality, and the extension of daylight into the heart of its large floorplates.

Tunable white light was incorporated at the building’s central stair to mimic daylight and enhance occupant wellbeing and comfort. Integrated linear luminaires concealed along the uppermost frosted glass beacon uplight the glass and vertical structure with a soft glow. The focal point is visible by occupants scaling the stairs from within as well as from the exterior rooftop terrace. The stair’s lower levels received the daylight-emulating glow from above while recessed linears evenly illuminate each level working in tandem with adjacent horticulture and art lighting.