Our people are our secret

LUMA is a prominent leader in lighting design because we hire people who dance to the beat of a slightly different drum. We value creativity as much as precision, beauty as much as practicality. We care deeply about the work we do and the impact it has on the planet. We listen.

If you work with LUMA, you will be a part of PAE. We share our inspiration, success, and trials, making us a stronger team and allowing us to further inform and enhance the future of design.

If you are passionate about lighting design, and would like to consider a career with LUMA, please contact us at

Current openings:


2024 Summer Internship- Washington locations

2024 Summer Internship- Oregon locations

2024 Summer Internship- California locations

Entry Level:

Early Career/ New Grad Designer- Washington

Early Career/ New Grad Designer- Oregon

Early Career/ New Grad Designer- California


Lighting Controls Specialist- Portland

Lighting Consultant- Seattle

Lighting Consultant- Portland

Lighting Consultant- San Francisco

LUMA Lighting Design Team