University of Puget Sound Welcome Center

Tacoma, WA

The lighting design of the Welcome Center at the University of Puget Sound expresses a deep slice of warmth and character amid the brick, wood, steel, and glass façade. Maximizing the daylight and preserving the nature views were concepts of the design to showcase the 10,000 square-foot building containing private offices, a conference center, reception and event space, and lounge areas. The compact program lent itself to an incredibly understated yet compelling presence on the Pacific Northwest campus.

LUMA lighting designers worked closely with the architect and interior design teams to select a material palette that would allow for an inside glow of the building to come to life in the evening filled with an abundance of soft illumination that is as much inviting as it is intriguing.

Looking from outside, the design takes advantage of every opening within the façade highlighting interior features. Continuous linear ceiling wash lights allow the wood ceiling to float over a double-height volume above the reception with minimal pendant cylinders providing functional illumination while daylight pours into the lobby. The design speaks with a visual brightness that carries further into the space with an illuminated wood wall. Interior lighting and subtle architectural finishes command attention drawing in prospective students to embark on their educational future.