95 State

Salt Lake City, UT

Luma created a unique ambiance and energized podium for Salt Lake City's newest iconic mixed-use high-rise. The 25-story building, and third tallest in the city, includes a 28-foot lobby calling for multiple seamless solutions.

The lighting design was inspired by the atmospheric elements that are in the Salt Lake Valley: snow, ice, clouds, wind, sunsets, water, salt, and sand.

Luma's articulation of the lighting design can be seen at crown of the building, in the lobby and circulation areas, at the exterior terrace, in the conference rooms, and in the underground tunnel that connects to City Creek Mall.

The Social Hall Pavilion and art-glass display lighting in the neighboring chapel are also a demonstration of the expert depiction of the artistic vision.

The resulting design is an elegant solution with classy finesse creating a memorable journey throughout the spaces.