Kaiser Center Lobby design celebrated by IES


Luma came home with an Award of Merit for the beautiful Kaiser Center Lobby at the recent Illuminating Engineering Society’s Annual Illumination Awards, showcasing designer’s originality, ingenuity, and design excellence. The Society has been an authority on lighting for over 100 years, working to communicate information on all aspects of lighting practice.

The annual awards program recognizes individuals for their professionalism, originality, and knowledge of lighting and design excellence. The awards are not a competition, but are peer judged solely on how well the lighting meets the program criteria. This year, the conference went entirely virtual due to the demands of 2020.

Luma was honored to receive an Award of Merit for the Kaiser Center Lobby. Located in Oakland, California, the lobby of the Kaiser Tower was originally built in 1960 and in need of an upgrade. Luma offered a stunning retrofit to improve the quality of the lighting and kept the warm and modern design intact. A majestic chandelier serves as the focal point for the two-story lobby, emanating approachable sophistication while also creating cues for orientation and wayfinding. The end result is a sleek and contemporary space.

The Kaiser Center Lobby also won the San Francisco IES local chapter’s Edwin Guth Award for Best Project in Interior Lighting Design. The award is given to exceptional interior lighting projects “that balance the functional illumination of space with the artistic application of light to enhance the occupant’s experience.”

Earlier in the year, IES recognized the Sebastian Coe Building for its architectural lighting as well, awarding it Second Place for Interior Lighting Design.

Luma would like to congratulate all the fellow recent Award of Merit winners. Since the Illumination Awards are not based on a competition, but by peer recognition, we would like to thank everyone who believes in our work.