Luma helps create “Greenest Commercial Building in the World”


Luma and our parent company PAE along with The Miller Hull Partnership, Point 32 Development and Schuchart Construction recently completed an amazing 50,000 commercial office building that has been called the “greenest commercial building in the world.” Indeed, we think it is. Luma added our extensive experience in green building design to help the building achieve an EUI of 16 through the integrated use of daylight, highly efficient electric lighting systems used in a task based approach to lighting design and efficient controls to turn the lights off when they are not needed. Learn more about the electric lighting systems here.

Luma and PAE are very proud of the building, the team and the positive impact this project is having on the global green building movement. So much so that we have opened our new Seattle office on half of the sixth floor of the building. We hope you will stop by sometime soon for a tour and to find out more about how we can help your projects achieve a higher level of sustainability through light.

Please enjoy some of the amazing details about the Bullitt Center as well as wide-reaching press coverage on the PAE website.