LUMA team publishes ‘Light on Waste’ research paper


The Research and Development team consisting of LUMA lighting designers Sara Duffy, Christine Cornelius, Colin Johnstone, and Lauren Wilcox, with support from Director of Design Zach Suchara, Senior Associate Brock Soderberg, and PAE Associate Principal Michael Kim, completed their study on the carbon footprint of the lighting industry. The white paper, Light on Waste: Evaluating the Environmental Impacts of LED Lighting, takes a hard look at the lighting industry and delves into how finite materials, energy intensive processes, shipping, and end-of-life treatment impact the environment.

Circularity, carbon neutrality, and human-centered design are moving from the periphery of priorities to the forefront of design process and policy. The lighting industry has made some gains with the advent of LED lighting, but as the research shows, there is still work to do. LUMA’s research offers an insightful look at where lighting designers can push the industry to an even more sustainable future by closing the finite resource loop.

With their research complete, the team is now presenting their CEU accredited presentation at these upcoming conferences, with more to come:

Click here to download the whitepaper, Light on Waste: Evaluating the Environmental Impacts of LED Lighting

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