Our Work

Bullitt Center

Living Building, Net Zero, Architecture 2030
Seattle, Washington

Size:51,000 sq. ft.
Architect:Miller Hull Partnership
Owner:Bullitt Foundation
  • Lauded as the “most sustainable building in the world” by World Architectural News.
  • 80% of  the building will be 100% daylit when daylight is available.
  • User-controlled electric lighting systems allow for an anticipated lighting power use of 70% below code.
  • This project has a modeled EUI of 16 kbtu per square foot per year and has achieved an EUI of just over 10 kbtu/sf/yr.
  • A solar panel array covering the entire roof generates the required power to achieve net zero energy.
  • The building has achieved Living Building Status.
  • It has achieved Net Zero Energy/Water and met the Architecture 2030 Challenge with 83% energy saved (10 EUI) and 80% water saved (rainwater, greywater).