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Our responsibility as lighting designers is to provide
human experiences in man-made spaces.

We believe that light shapes experience.

In your space, there is a place where beauty, function and the environment can be supported and enhanced by light. With your design vision at the forefront, we help you find this place.

Since 2001, we have been creating lighting solutions as unique as our clients’ needs — through a mixture of insight, experience, and judicious use of vetted technology. With more than 30 projects having achieved LEED, NetZero, and Living Building ratings, we are committed to outstanding results.


Our team’s diverse experience and skills infuse your team with technical expertise plus unique and creative vision. We can customize a cross-discipline team to elevate even the most complex projects.


At work, we pride ourselves in positively impacting our clients and our global environment. In our daily lives, these principles remain. We use light rail and car share systems, commute by bike, participate in eco-challenges, teach, and volunteer in our communities.

Meet the people behind the passion:

Zachary Suchara AIA, LEED BD+C, LC

Director of Design

Light brings people, nature and architecture together.

As a registered architect, Zach has a unique lighting design perspective that allows for solutions that are aesthetically enjoyable, sustainable, and sensitive to the requirements of occupants as well as building owners. With nearly two decades of experience in architecture and lighting design, Zach’s work unites architectural form and materials with color, light and shadow to produce harmonious spatial experiences.

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Jonathan Plumpton IALD, MIES, LEED AP ID+C

Associate Principal

Light is the essential element in the expression and perception of form, material and space. Architecture lives through light.

With over 20 years of experience as a lighting designer, Jonathan has considerable experience managing a large number of diverse project types within the U.S. and internationally. His talent for big-picture concepts, passion for creative lighting and technical knowledge result in designs that enhance the human experience and reinforce the architectural design. Jonathan is skilled at collaborating with clients to develop and implement all aspects of complete lighting designs that are inviting, engaging and functional. Jonathan’s professional successes are a result of his innovative, dynamic designs with a strong focus on sustainable lighting strategies.

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Greg Parthemer LC, Associate IALD

Senior Associate

Selecting what to light and what not to light brings each space to life and life to each space.

With more than 15 years in lighting design and 10 years in the electrical design industry, Greg has extensive experience in development of technical specifications and construction administration.  This history gives him considerable insight into the ways that lighting designs are translated in the field. He understands that lighting reveals the architecture while conveying its focus and mood to communicate the personality of every project.

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Brock Soderberg

Senior Lighting Designer

Beyond physical perception, lighting has a subconscious impact, making it one of the most important aspects of any spatial experience. Without carefully crafted lighting, even the most brilliant architectural masterpiece can quickly fall apart.

Brock is a talented lighting designer with an education rooted in architectural design. With 8 years of experience in team leadership and conceptual and graphic design, Brock has used his unique blend of technical and artistic expertise to design a variety of complex lighting systems throughout the U.S. and internationally. Proficient in a variety of 2D and 3D modeling software, Brock is passionate about defining new spacial arrangements, products, and graphics which infuse the viewer with their surroundings and demonstrate the connection that we share with the world around us.

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Brent Medsker

Senior Lighting Designer

Architecture is said to be frozen music. Light then is that which thaws and makes this architecture accessible to all who listen.

From a lifelong love of architecture, Brent approaches all projects with this respect.  Having practiced for over 15 years, Brent’s experience includes a wide variety of interior and exterior projects, such as large civic structures, technical manufacturing spaces, international retail and entertainment destinations, medical and educational facilities.  This breadth of design experience combined with an architectural lighting education from the University of Colorado Boulder bring to Brent’s approach a thoughtful and efficient style resulting in an integrated design that accentuates the architecture without detracting from the function.

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Sara Nonaka

Senior Lighting Designer

With 11 years of experience, Sara has worked on projects ranging from commercial offices and civic buildings, to stadiums and high rise residential buildings, to healthcare facilities. With a background in design research and Circadian lighting, Sara brings a unique focus on the connection between light and occupant health to all of her projects. A valuable addition to any team, she strives to create lighting design schemes that address the need to minimize energy use and light pollution while still enhancing the architecture of spaces and addressing the needs of the client.


Daren Vandeberg LC, LEED AP BD+C

Lead Lighting Designer

Light chases the darkness away and helps define the shape of our well-being.

With more than a decade of experience in lighting design, Daren brings a wide variety of technical experience for project types ranging from transportation, to residential, to educational, to a variety of exterior environments. He understands that light affects the lives of people and animals alike and has a passion for enhancing those lives through his designs. Daren enjoys actively collaborating with project teams and owners to create visionary lighting in the built environment.

Scott Kuyper LC, LEED AP BD+C

Lighting Designer

Lighting not only helps us see; it's a key element in how we feel and respond.

Focused on producing innovative designs to meet site-specific sustainability challenges, Scott specializes in optimizing the use of natural light in institutional, commercial, and mixed-use buildings. His unique background includes work with both the Green Building Certification Institute and Harvard’s Graduate School of Design, as well as modeling for cultural and performance spaces across Europe.

Michael Dant AIA

Lighting Designer

Good lighting brings spaces to life, and the best lighting endows that life with meaning.

Michael is an accomplished lighting designer with nearly three decades of experience in architecture and lighting design. While Michael’s considerable track record makes him exceptionally skilled at meeting project budgets, schedules, and program requirements, he finds the heart of a project to be in the way that people engage with light. Michael knows that lighting is critical to perception of the built environment, and is fascinated with helping clients to realize the visual potential of their spaces by enhancing the relationship between people, architecture, and light. He is passionate about creating lit environments, both indoor and outdoor, that are dynamic, inviting, and enjoyable.

Alex Ridley EIT

Lighting Designer

The right light is the magic that turns steel, concrete, glass and stone into environments that bring us together, comfort and welcome us and, above all, form the backdrops to our lives.

Alex has over 5 years of experience designing electrical and lighting systems for a diverse range of projects worldwide. With a passion for complex, demanding projects and a hands-on approach, he has worked on everything from civic and institutional facilities, to high-end commercial and residential buildings. Making use of his education in electrical engineering, Alex strives to push the envelope in terms of energy-efficiency and aesthetic performance through careful consideration, application and optimization of lighting controls and luminaires as components of the building system.

Jonny Hoolko

Lighting Designer

Discovering novel ways to utilize new lighting forms is something that drives Jonny’s designs and keeps him constantly evolving. Jonny has a special interest in the confluence of light and health, having studied circadian lighting strategies and their effect of the human body.


Our partners expand our expertise:


As a subsidiary of PAE, Luma is able to tap experts in mechanical and electrical engineering and technology services from a team of 75. Through our partnership with PAE, we can customize a cross-discipline team to elevate even the most complex projects. Luma and PAE share a long-standing focus on sustainable design. Since the launch of LEED, PAE and Luma have provided expertise for more than 100 LEED projects. Dozens of these projects have either achieved or are pursuing Living Building, Architecture 2030, Carbon Neutral, and Net Zero status.

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Support Developing Firms

Luma’s industry partners range from emerging small businesses to women and minority owned firms with whom we have established relationships. Our goal in establishing these partnerships is to learn new approaches and ways of thinking from our peers and to impart our extensive experience to firms looking to grow. We want the best possible team for your projects – we leave ego at the door and welcome ideas. Please contact us to learn more about our MWESB/COBID partnerships.