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The Photon Project Examines Light Effects

The Photon Project is a four-year study headed by anthropologists, evolutionary psychologists, artists, lighting engineers, neuroscientists, architects, engineers and biologists. The minds behind The Photon Project want to answer the question, “If we had the choice to live and work …


Better Living Through Lighting

Often when we are presented with news of advancements in lighting technology, the words we read are presented alongside slick photos of blue- and pink-hued buildings, professionally-photographed and lit and night with a futuristic glow. The lines are meticulous and …


Bottled Lightening

In 1879, Thomas Edison patented the first commercially viable light-bulb with the goal of making the technology plentiful. As he said during his exposition in Menlo Park: “We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles.” …


Success Story: Lighting Retrofit for NCAA Div III Court

Lighting retrofits. The term does not inspire excitement or evoke thoughts of radical and life changing architecture. However, the simple truth is that lighting retrofits can change your life for the better. Light is the guiding element in our visual …