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Success Story: Lighting Retrofit for NCAA Div III Court

Lighting retrofits. The term does not inspire excitement or evoke thoughts of radical and life changing architecture. However, the simple truth is that lighting retrofits can change your life for the better. Light is the guiding element in our visual world. It allows us to work effectively and move through space without running into things. Light can guide us through architecture, tell us when to stop and look at something and make the space around us enjoyable to be in. Light can also give us headaches, cost us a lot of money and ruin a beautiful hardwood floor.

One of our favorite clients, Linfield College, engaged Luma in 2006 to evaluate their existing gymnasium and map recommendations for retrofitting the lighting systems. Linked below is an article that goes into detail on how we changed the lighting in the space, but the short story is this: Linfield has a unique and dynamic NCAA Division III basketball court, the Ted Wilson Gymnasium. The lighting retrofit/replacement Luma recommended and that was installed yield a 49% energy savings, increased the controllability of the system and improved tenfold the quality of light in the space.

Light and space can live in harmony. We just need to sing the right notes.

Read the article about our retrofit process with Linfield in a recent issue of the Oregon Association of Professional Energy Managers newsletter (article starts on page 3).

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